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Today I am removing carbon buildup from combustion chamber, the tops of the pistons, and removing debris from the engine block deck. If these areas are not clean, it can lead to hot spots in the cylinder, and a poorly sealing head gasket. I am using WD-40® Trigger Pro® and Scotchbright pads. While WD-40® does not technically “clean”, it does an amazing job of removing oils and carbon. This is a must when removing build up in an engine. WD-40® also helps displace water to prevent rust. Support for this video was provided in part by WD-40®.

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Join me today as we:

  • Remove debris from the head gasket surface
  • Remove carbon buildup from the top of Pistons
  • Remove carbon from tops of the cylinder bore
  • How to take care NOT to damage cylinder wall
  • Inspect for cross hatching of cylinder
  • When to take engine block to machine shop
  • and more

Trouble viewing” Watch “Removing Carbon From Piston, Cylinder Walls, and Block Deck” on YouTube.

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