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Dieselgeek P2015 Manifold FixHey everyone. This is something I am really excited to share with you. The amazing folks at DieselGeek.com hooked me up with one of their repair kits for the TDI intake manifold with P2015 Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1): Implausible Signal codes stored. As will all the stuff from Diesel Geek, this thing is awesome! It is also nice to have a $65 solution vs a $420 plus labor solution. These will fit 2009-20014 Golf, Beetle, and Jetta TDIs

Today we break down this intake manifold repair bracket:

  • What causes the p2015 fault code
  • What the bracket does
  • Fitment of the DieselGeek bracket
  • Parts of the DieselGeek bracket
  • How to install the DieselGeek bracket (DieselGeek video)
  • How a dealership would repair the TDI intake manifold
  • Cautions of replacing the intake manifold
  • Buy or No Buy?
  • All Diesel Geek’s Videos
  • And more

Trouble viewing this video? Watch “TDI Intake Manifold Repair From DieselGeek ” on YouTube.

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