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Today I have an amazing guest joining me. We are going to talk about buying new cars. But we are not talking about heading right to your local car dealership and doing that song and dance. Katie and I are talking about buying a new car through Costco. One of the benefits of being a Costco member, is their car buying program. Katie used the program to buy her first car. So we will be getting an awesome prospective from a first time new car buyer!

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Join Katie and I as we chat:

  • What car Katie bought
  • The amount of research done when buying a new car
  • Resources Katie uses to aid her decision
  • How the Costco program works
  • How did that compare to the just walking in the dealer?
  • Pros of the Costco program
  • Cons of the Costco program
  • Would Katie recommend buying a car this way?
  • What surprises came up
  • The role crowd sourcing played
  • Follow Katie on Twitter @NoYinKatie
  • Our beer of the day
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “A Different Way To Buy A New Car ~ Podcast Episode 113 ~ Part 1” on YouTube.

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