apprenticeBeing A Good Apprentice ~ Podcast Episode 53

Happy Friday everyone. Today we are going to be talking about way to be a good apprentice, or trainee or rookie tech. This show comes about for a few reasons. I have 2 trainee techs right now. They are both very very different. Also in my quest to become a better trainer I have found a ton of information about being a good leader or trainer, but very little on how to maximize being a trainee.

What do you think makes a great apprentice?

Join me today as we discuss:

  • You have to hustle
  • Moving fast vs working fast
  • Become a sponge
  • Learning processes
  • This takes time
  • Be a respectful tool borrower
  • Make plans to by your own tools
  • Be positive
  • Treat this like it’s your dream job!
  • and more

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