Southern Wörthersee SOWO 2015 Recap

Southern Wörthersee SOWO 2015

Hey everyone! Today’s show is not really a podcast show, but a recap of Sowo 2015. For those of you that may not know, Sowo or Southern Worthersee is a big time European car show in Helen, Ga.  If you are looking to see Sowo burnouts or any of that type of thing, click the back button. You will see NONE of that here.

Our inspiration for Southern Wörthersee is to bring together cars and fans of these beloved marques in a truly authentic European atmosphere.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Chattahoochee River, is the quaint Bavarian-themed town of Helen, Georgia. With its striking similarities to the Wörthersee region, we think you will agree, it’s a natural location for our stateside tribute to Wörthersee.

This year I made the almost 6 hour trek with my buddy Tony to check out the show. Overall we had a really nice time. The amount of cars and people this year was almost overwhelming. So today’s show you will see some pictures and video of just a part of what Sowo has to offer.

Join me as we relive Sowo:

  • Air Cooled cars
  • Sir Shift making custom shift knobs
  • All the awesome vendors
  • What to do if you were at Sowo, and we didn’t meet up
  • Wraps and Plasti Dip
  • The negatives of this show
  • and more

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  1. James Karsten
    James Karsten says:

    Hey man, I was at sowo, I looked for ya, but didn’t see ya. I’ve been every year since 2010. Its a shame to see what the show has turned into. It used to be so laid back and chill. Where the main show grounds are now is actually the mayor’s front yard, or something like that, its private property that they let the show use because its gotten so big, but the whole show used to be on the town side of the river, and was pretty much just a bunch of old school dubbers hanging out having a few beers. We used to go for the whole weekend, but my wife and I don’t really have any interest in the party that takes over the whole town sat night, so last year and this year, we just went, stayed over Friday night, and left sat afternoon after seeing the show. Its kind of a disgrace to the town and what the show used to be to have what happens sat night continue to go on.
    Anyways, there was some awesome cars as always, the lime green mk3 on the town side of the river was super clean and well done. The current model beetle with the stinger exhaust and checkerboard wheels was also really cool. But I think my fav car was the rootbeer colored mk3 vr gti with the leather wrapped audi tt dash. There’s pics on my facebook if you missed any of them.
    Maybe I’ll catch ya next year, or at octoberfest if you’re gonna be there


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