What To Do When The Shop Is Slow ~ Audio Podcast Episode 12

What To Do When The Shop Is Slow ~ Podcast Episode 12
The Humble Mechanic
The Humble Mechanic
What To Do When The Shop Is Slow ~ Audio Podcast Episode 12

Working in a slow shop is not ideal. Well, let’s be honest, it sucks! That is a direct impact to your paycheck. Slow times in an auto repair shop are almost a given. I wanted to try and help you figure out how to make that slow time count. You might not be directly getting paid, but if you use that time properly you can win in the end. I have worked in extremely busy times. I have also worked for days where 1 or 2 cars came in the whole day. There may be little you can do about the cars in the door. You can however use that time to learn and grow as a tech.

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Join me today as we discuss

  • Why is the shop slow?
  • Poor shop habits (bad service advisors, advertising, ect)
  • What can you as a tech control?
  • Are you looking over every car for maintenance and recall needs?(NOT IN A RIP OFF CUSTOMERS WAY!)
  • What if you have no car to work on?
  • Time for training
  • Work around the shop
  • Review TSBs Learn other jobs (behind the parts counter, service advisor)
  • Learn new cars/good cars
  • Run baseline values and test repairs on known good units
  • Check the lot for cars with updates and recalls
  • Check local car lots
  • This is also a dealer thing. Check local used car lots for cars that may have updates
  • and more

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