My name is Charles. I am a Volkswagen technician, and have been a mechanic, a grease monkey, and a car enthusiast for many years. I started this site mainly to connect with my customers in a way that I can’t in the shop. However, it’s my hope it can also serves as a community forum to share information, impart a little wisdom, and have a little fun. Let’s get started.

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Saying Goodbye to My 2005 VW Passat


Your inside look into the world of car repair and Volkswagen Dealer service

Just a few warnings before I get in to this post. This can apply to cars other than Volkswagen This is MY opinion. Officially, you must follow the owners manual for warranty purposes This post is in response to a question that was posted on the Facebook fan page.  Rudy asked I wanted to know […]

Your inside look into the world of car repair and Volkswagen Dealer service

Next week my dealership will be adding a “Quick Lube” team. The team will actually be called our Service Express team. The idea behind the Service Express team will be to provide another option for customers to get their cars serviced. The way my dealership works now is, 90% by appointment. Basically, you would call and […]

This car came in one day last week.  The customers complaint was “My car is making a ticking noise”.  The noise was strange, it was loud when I was standing right a the engine, but when I walked about 10 feet back, it was super loud. Complaints like this can be really tricky. On the […]

Hey everyone! I wanted to get a post up about some things that will be happening with the blog. Like I posted on Facebook yesterday, I had a meeting with a buddy of mine regarding the site. We talked about some of the things that I want to be able to do, and the look […]

I started with Volkswagen officially in Nov of 2003.  One of my goals early on was to become a Master Certified technician(or mechanic).  I didn’t realize how hard it would be to achieve that goal. I never thought it would take 8 years! When I started with the VW Academy, I knew that I was […]

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