My name is Charles. I am a Volkswagen technician, and have been a mechanic, a grease monkey, and a car enthusiast for many years. I started this site mainly to connect with my customers in a way that I can’t in the shop. However, it’s my hope it can also serves as a community forum to share information, impart a little wisdom, and have a little fun. Let’s get started.

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Saying Goodbye to My 2005 VW Passat


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Hey folks, It has been a long long long time since we have done an auto mechanic interview. That is 100% my fault. If you have sent your interview in, and it was not posted, I am truly sorry. Don’t worry we are back on track. Let’s get to it!   NAME: Jim W. How […]

Volkswagen Timing Belt Water Pump Failure

Hi folks, welcome to another volume of your favorite series, Shop Shots. This is where you get a behind the scenes look at what an auto mechanic sees in their job. Some days it’s crazy broken Volkswagens. Then you may see a moldy car from a water leak, or a nasty customer. Then you might […]

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What exactly do I mean when I say “add-ons”? When you buy a new car, you do the negotiating, agree on price with the sales person. Then you move in to the office with the finance person. That is where they try and sell you the “add-ons”. This is one of my favorite Simpson moments. […]

Nail in tire

Hi everybody! You read the title right, Shop Shots are BACK! We are on volume 58 of the pictures that give you a behind the scenes look at automotive service. For those of you that are new to the community, all of these pictures are taken with my Iphone 4s(for now 😉 ) One quick […]

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Hey everyone, it has been a long time between updates on the blog. I wanted to just tell you all what has been going on, and why it has been so long. In 2012 I was updating the car blog 4-5 times a week. For those of you that do not blog, it is a […]

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