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Hey everyone.

I am super excited about the new video series I am launching. The intro episode will be out later today on YouTube, and tomorrow on the blog. I wanted to freshen up the blog, and reach out of my normal comfort zone a little.

I want to tackle some of the same subjects as we do on the blog. Things like:

  • car repairs
  • Not getting taken advantage of
  • Finding a good mechanic
  • Being a good customer
  • How techs get paid on flat rate, there will be a lot about flat rate
  • Does your car really need a service?
  • DIY or Not DIY when it comes to repairs.

I feel like in video or audio I can really dive deep in a subject, or explain it a different way. I expect these videos to be anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. There will also be more “quick tip” type videos, and tool reviews. I just shot 2 reviews last night. You guys know how much I love tools 😉 Oh, and don’t worry, I will still be doing some blog posts. Also Shop Shots is not going anywhere.

Teaming up with Bench Racing Garage
In addition to my video podcast (I will not use that word people call it) I have teamed up with my good buddy Rusty from We are doing a really fun mini-series all about cars. We both live in the automotive world. We both love cars, and have fun talking about them. So we are bringing our love to you guys. It should be a blast. The first episode of that will drop this week.

If you have any questions, or show topics you want to see, please post them in the comments below. Otherwise you have to listen to what ever random thing is in my head that day LOL.

One Last Thing,
I want to do a live “Hangout” with a few people. The first one I want to talk about getting started as a new technician. If you are interested, please post in the comments, or email me with HANGOUT in the subject. I am thinking that Thursday evening is the best day for that.

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  1. Jody
    Jody says:

    I’m trying together a mechanic tool for my son but I don’t have alot of money I want to stay away from craftsman would you mine giving me so pointers on what to buy thanks jody


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