How VW Parts Fail ~ 7 speed DSG Mechatronic Unit

DSG Problems

VW DSG ProblemsToday on “How VW parts fail”, we are looking at the mechantronics unit from the 7 speed DSG transmission. This transmission is only found in the Jetta Hybrid in the US market. In the rest of world market, it is found in other drivetrain combinations as well. This is not the most common of VW issues, but it is pretty cool how it works. This is also a little different video because I have never taken one apart. It is great because we can all learn something on this video.

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Join me as we break down(hopefully not):

  • What a mechatronics unit in the DSG is
  • How a mechatronics unit in the DSG works
  • How the mechatronics unit changes gears
  • The serviceability of the mechatronics unit.
  • Is this a DIY part?
  • The DSG Transmission explained 
  • Symptoms of mechatronics unit failure
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “How VW Parts Fail ~ 7 speed DSG Mechatronic Unit” on YouTube.

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22 replies
  1. ALI
    ALI says:


    thank you very much for the explanation about the mechatronic unit,
    i have problem with my golf tsi 2014 model the gear only shit on gear 2 & 4 sometimes 6, gear 1,3,5,7 is not there and the car gave me gear error however, i still can drive the car on gear 2,4,6, after the mechanic checked my car he said i need to replace the mechatronic unit, my concern is that this is not the faulty part that causing the issue, i would really appreciate it if you can help me with this.


  2. Allan
    Allan says:

    Thanks for the video.

    I’m no mechanic but just what is the mechatronic control unit.
    My 2012 tsi just failed after 40,000kms no early warning flags, just D1!
    The repair is under way now, replacing the complete control unit. Apparently, recon units are available however the cost vs warranty against new is just not viable !!

  3. Cornall
    Cornall says:

    Can i replace golf 5 engine and dsg gearbox with a polo engine and manual gearbox or only swap the dsg with a manual gearbox and clutch pedal

  4. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    Hi I am having problems with my Polo GTI 2013 model DSG. It only drives in Gear 2. It’s been towed to VW but I am being told it will cost a lot of money to fix. My vehicle isn’t under warranty but my question is if I bought my car in 2013 brand new and it’s done 80000km in 5 years how does VW put the cost of a gearbox on their customer? There’s no way I could have broken my gearbox.

    • comfort
      comfort says:

      i also have the same issue with the same model car and year. It does not shift to gear 3 it only stays on gear 2. The repair amount was 32000 and it only drove 71000 kms.

  5. singa
    singa says:

    my mechatronic gives me problems its got a new software but still does not want to change gears help Golf 6 2009 model tdi 7 spped

  6. says:

    No one has a clear answer. As my vehicle 1.2 dsg tsi mk7 golf. Started but would drive in 1st 3r and 5th reverse gear there was no action or movement yet stationary. Gearbox had been stripped the forks and bearings were changed. Now installed the gearbox. Finally reverse gear the vehicle moves but now does not drive in first!!!!

  7. Mike
    Mike says:

    I have had 2 mechatronics units fail within 60k miles on my Jetta Hybrid now since I have bought it. From what I have researched these units are faulty or poorly designed and alot of people are having alot of the same issues.

    • Randy
      Randy says:

      I’ve had a failure of the DQ200 DSG 7 spd gearbox in 25K km. It sucks so bad I’ve to spend $5000 fixing a transmission. I’ve never had an engine or transmission failure in any vehicle in 25K km 🙁
      I don’t even have the money and my car is about 6 yrs old and they won’t cover it in the warranty. I’ve read everywhere the 7 spd dry clutch gearboxes are the worst from VW. Never buy a car with it. The 6 spd wet clutch systems fail but not as much as this. Oh man, I’m so fucked. This car had sensors failing, oil running low and now a fucking gearbox failure. FML.

  8. Justin DeSilva
    Justin DeSilva says:

    Hey Humble Mechanic, I damaged a lock ring inside my 02E DSG gearbox. The lock ring measures 1.75mm thick with an internal diameter of 24.5mm. Can you recommend any VW transmission shops who might be willing to sell only the lock ring?

  9. Angry consumer
    Angry consumer says:

    I purchased my Volkgswagen Golf BRAND NEW from an authorised VW dealer. In the past 4 years I’ve had to take it back and have 2 parts replaced and the battery died within 3 years of purchasing the car (unheard of). The car broke down again recently and this time it was related to the mechatronic unit! Utterly disappointed.

  10. _jAV
    _jAV says:

    Can you please comment on a temptation I have? There is a 2013 Hybrid being offered to me because I am kinda like you in the sense that I fix stuff. Problem is that the owner said it wont move. I went over and it seems there is a problem with the meca-tronic unit. The price is super super low… So low I want to go out there and buy it every time I think about it. Mainly because of the MPGs.

  11. _jAV
    _jAV says:

    Had an unrelated question here for a 2009 Jetta TSI with a DSG transmission. Is that special transmission oil separate or different from the one actually working on the mechatronic side? How does one check the oil level on the mechatronic side of the transmission? Thanks.


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