How VW Dual Mass Flywheels Fail ~ Video

Failing Dual Mass Flywheel

The VW dual mass flywheel or DMF for short, was one of the first “How VW Parts Fail” videos that was suggested. I also happened to have a clip of what a failed DMF sounds like. DMFs are in several different VW models, including cars with a DSG transmission. While this is not an uncommon issue, I don’t see the failure rate that the internet makes it out to be. But since it is a VW Failed VW DMFpart that does fail, I wanted to do a video about it.

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Join me today as we break down:

  • What is a VW Dual Mass Flywheel?
  • How a VW Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Symptoms of VW Dual Mass Flywheel failure
  • Diagnosing a bad VW Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Sound clip of a bad VW Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Is a VW Dual Mass Flywheel DIY repair
  • Single Mass Flywheel option
  • and more

Trouble Viewing? Watch “How VW Dual Mass Flywheels Fail ~ Video” on YouTube.

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3 replies
  1. Hans Thorslund
    Hans Thorslund says:

    Hi Charles,,

    Love your channel,, now to the question,, my dual mass flywheel does not make alot of noise but shudders n rattles when in first gear from a standstill,, but once you get going no nothing, just smooth ride but very annoying,,, plese help me,, what should i do,,?
    Motorcode is CAGA and of course manual trans,,,

    Regards Hans

  2. George Frangos
    George Frangos says:

    Please help
    I’ve just bought a GOLF (6) 1.4 TSI twincharged DSG 2016
    Was awarded until a week after buying I heard a Knocking Noise VW say noise goes away when they remove the Drive Belt They want to replace supercharger and water pump but also not sure
    They tested compression all good also no oil leak into piston
    Can you Please help me


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