How To Replace Spark Plugs, on ANY Car

Replacing spark plugs in a modern vehicle can be very intimidating. But this can be a very easy DIY on just about any car. In this video I will teach you the method I use to replace spark plugs on any car. This will cover removing spark plug wires, cleaning spark plug wells, installing and torquing spark plugs, and reinstalling wires.

We will be working with my 1998 VW GTI with the Vr6 engine.

Important links from the video

Join me today as we learn:

  • How to find your car’s spark plugs
  • Working with spark plug wires
  • Routing plug wires
  • Rules for working clean with spark plugs
  • Installing spark plugs
  • Proper spark plug torque
  • Installing spark plug wires
  • Proper spark plug wire routing
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “How To Replace Spark Plugs, on ANY Car” on YouTube.

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