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Since 2011 Humble Mechanic has been here to help with your car, from answering automotive questions, to producing DIY videos to help save money on your car. In those years I have brought you guys a ton of value. I also get requests all the time for folks wanting to support the show. I didn’t want to take donations, I wanted to keep bringing more value. That is why I started the CrewMember Club. This allows you to help support the show, and make an awesome return on your investment.

What You Get As A CrewMember?
Remember when I said I wanted you to get a return on your investment? Well, here it is, for about $0.17 a day, you can help support the hard work that it takes to produce the show. You can feel good about that! But I want more for you. I put together benefits that you can’t get anywhere else. These benefits can more than pay for your CrewMembership.

This is what all CrewMembers will receive:

  • Discounts to a growing list of places we all shop now
  • Exclusive videos for CrewMembers
  • Free access to my VW/Audi training manuals (the classes to get these manuals cost $355 each)
  • CrewMembers only giveaways
  • Super secret Facebook page. I will be doing FB live videos from here.

This will be a growing list of CrewMember benefits. It’s important to me that you get an amazing return on your CrewMembership.

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Current CrewMember Discounts:

  • EuroWise ~ 10% off all Eurowise products
  • EastWood ~ 10% off select items
  • Sonic Tools ~ 10% off your first purchase, 10% off everything after that
  • S&P automotive ~ 10% off all purchases
  • MT Knives ~ 15% off purchases (limited edition knives not included)
  • Black Forest Industries ~ 10% off all BFI products.
  • PetrolBox ~ 10% off all subscriptions
  • ScannerDanner ~ 10% off Engine Diagnosis Ebook
  • Adam’s Polishes ~ 14% store wide
  • KermaTDI ~ 10% off store wide
  • Mychanic ~ 15% off store wide
  • Prime Shades ~ 25% off store wide
  • USP Motorsports ~ $25, $50, $100 off store wide
  • BMPTuning ~ 5% off store wide
  • ~ 15% off store wide
  • and more coming soon!

As you can see from this list, the discounts alone will pay for themselves. Plus the VW/Audi manuals cost over $350 each to get. Don’t wait any longer. Come join us in the CrewMembers Only Garage.

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