Delay In Today’s Post, but Still A Cabriolet Update

Published on May 25, 2012 under Humble Mechanic

Hey folks!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be able to post today’s post until I get home. I shot a video last night about the Cabby and showed a cool trick to remove the sound dampener. Well, the video did not upload to YouTube like it said it did. GRR!

I will be sure to let you all know when the video is live. Sorry about that. It seems that my phone memory is full and it wont do certain things. Looks like my next phone will have to be the 32gb IPhone.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress. You will have to watch the video to see how I did it, and final results.

Removing Sound Dampener VW

This is basically what it looked like when I started. This is the front of the drivers side.

Removing Sound Dampener VW

This is ALL the sound dampener broken up from the body of the car.


  1. Brandon

    NO! Your next phone should be an ANDROID because they are WAYYY better than iOS. Now sit back and grab some popcorn because Charles has fired the first shot of the Smartphone Wars! 😉 hahaha

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