DashCam Review ~ VanTrue Ondash R2

Dash Cam ReviewIn many parts of the world, dash cams are a must. Here in the US, scam artists are not as common, but dash cams still have a great value. Today we are going to be looking at and reviewing the VanTrue Ondash R2 Car Dash Cam. Using a dash camera to catch scam artists is only one use. We also use them for car shows, auto and rally cross races, or even scenic drives. I will be adding this camera as part of the Podcast videos I shoot in the car.

Join me as we break down the OnDash R2:

  • What is in the box
  • Camera features
    ~Different recording modes
    ~2.7in LCD screen
    ~170* wide view
    ~Support up to 64g micro SD
    ~Park mode setting
    ~Built in mic
    ~Option to add GPS
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Video quality test (day and night)
  • Audio quality
  • More Amazon reviews
  • Buy the OnDash R2
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “DashCam Review ~ VanTrue Ondash R2” on YouTube.

More on the OnDash R2 Dash Cam
The OnDash R2 comes with all the cables you will need including a 12v cable, a USB cable, and a HDMI cable. You also have a bunch of different video settings to choose from including recording in 2k video. For the review I used the full HD setting. The on board mic is pretty good. I would not record a podcast with it, but for most folks it will be prefect.


  • Small in size
  • Lot of recording options
  • Built in mic
  • 18m warranty


  • Needs an SD card
  • Menu navigation and buttons are a little tricky. (slight learning curve)
  • Mount is a proprietary mount,  I could not find a place to buy separately.

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