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Eurowise discount

Now that the CrewMembership program is fully up and running, it’s time to learn more about the companies that are supporting the program. Each week I will feature a company that is giving CrewMembers discounts. This is my way of letting you guys know just how awesome it is to be a CrewMember. It also allows me to give back to the the companies that help support the CrewMember program.

Eurowise MK1 Vr6

I have been doing business with Mike and the guys from Eurowise for years. The first time I went to the shop was on a quick trip to Charlotte with my wife. We stopped in to pick up my MK1 VR6 swap kit. Mike, having no idea who I was, stopped what he was doing to show me another Cabby they were finishing up. He walked us around the shop, and talked about the swaps for about 30 minutes. Mike, the owner of Eurowise, didn’t have to stop what he was doing to help me, but he did. I clearly will never forget that.

The Discounts Mike was one of the first people to step up with a discount for CrewMembers. I actually talked to him years ago about it. And when it was time to go live, he was all in. Eurowise is giving CrewMembers 10% off Eurowise products. Here are some examples:

  • Mk1 VR6 Conversion Kit (stage 1)
    This kit retails for $1099. With your discount you save almost $110. This means you are making money by becoming a CrewMember. This is the kit that I used in my Cabby. I even did a review on it. Mk1VR6 review.
  • Eurowise cast AAA 12V thermostat housing
    This is another Eurowise product I have removed. I had this installed on my GTI for a while. It will also be going back into he GTI when the engine is finished. The thermostat kit retails for $179.99, you save $18. That is almost 30% of your membership. MK3 AAA thermostat housing review
  • 1.8T Aluminum Coolant flanges
    If you drive a just about any VW, you know the engine bay has plenty of plastic. You also know that if you look at that plastic wrong, it breaks. Eurowise has made a solution for that. You can change out the plastic coolant flanges of aluminium ones.

mk1 vr6 kit These are just a few examples of ways you can basically pay for your CrewMembership. Remember that discounts are only part of the story. You also get exclusive videos from me. These videos can range from super secret Wookie reveals, to really raw unfiltered motivating content. In addition to that, you gain instant access to the VW/Audi training manuals that I build. These are part of a class that costs $355 to attend. Learn more about becoming a CrewMember

Free way to support the show
If becoming a CrewMember is not your thing, or simply not in the budget, I totally understand. But you can still help support the show by doing your Amazon shopping through me. By using the HumbleMechanic Amazon link. When you buy the things you were going to buy on Amazon using my link, I get a little credit for it. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but it helps me out. I also put together some recommended tools at the bottom of every page for you. It is a simple, quick, and free way to help me keep the lights on LOL. As always I love your comments. If you have any questions about this or any other blog post, article of video, post that below. Also if you have an idea for a show you can email me, or use the contact me form! Don’t forget to follow me at:

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