How to Check 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner

2.0T timing chain tensioner failure

Do you know how to Check 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner. If you drive an 2.0t TSI Audi or VW you may have timing chain tensioner issues. Checking the timing chain tensioner is an EASY DIY! Today I will show you how to check for the older timing chain tensioner that will need to be replaced. Also a shout out to Apex Tuning for helping me out with this DIY!

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Join me today as we learn how to check your timing chain tensioner:

  • Shout out to Apex Tuning
  • Tools needed
  • DIY timing chain tensioner inspection on the bench
  • How to hold the inspection mirror to check timing chain tensioner
  • What tensioners are bad
  • How TSI timing chain tensioners fail
  • Replace the inspection plug
  • TSI Timing Chain Repair kit
  • Audi TSI inspection
  • How to check TSI timing chain on the car
  • and more

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13 replies
  1. Lionel
    Lionel says:

    Hi I have 2010 passat with a 2 ltr turbo with 143 kmt(88000 miles) just bouth the car I do not know if the cam fallower for the fuel pump or the chain ten.if it was ever check or change so far so go .The other thing I have with this car is the dgs trans it lurches from a stop and when going down he road it does the jurk The deller say that is normal witch i think there are full u kmow what any thing u can say or help would be appreatated hanks Lionel

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      The cam follower on the TSI is not really an issue like it was on the FSI. The DSG is a weird transmission if you have never driven one. Think of it like a manual transmission that is computer controlled, not as an automatic transmission

      • Lionel
        Lionel says:

        HI thanks for the reply on the camfollower . but the I know the the trany is automated .but it should not b duing the jerk going down the road it bad on all gears when cold and a little bit when hot .and you are at a stop and when it gets going some times it will just snap n jerks but not all the time and some times it sounds like the axle snaps with a very lound noise .I install a inset that goes in the lower engine mount it stop some of the snaping .I can not exlpain it any difference .again TKS Lionel

      • Lionel
        Lionel says:

        HI Charles I got the your answer TKS but the other thing im trying to find out what is the def between the old and the new timming chain tensioners they say they go bad all the time

    • Lionel Couture
      Lionel Couture says:

      the trans. jerking is not normal it can be one off two thing the clutch or the computor it a repair that can be has much has $4000.just for parts 1500/2000 for comp.and 1000. for the clutch .I hope that helps I had one it whas a 2010 passat with the same problem

  2. Russ
    Russ says:

    I am planning on replacing a timing chain tensioner on a 2.0 tsi (62k) engine. Does it make sense to replace the timing chain along with it? What’s the longevity of that usually and does that usually fail without any notice?

  3. Russ
    Russ says:

    Hi, can you tell me what’s the model number of the updated Timing Chain Tensioner for VW TSI engine. I own 2012 VW CC Sport 2.0 TSI

  4. Don
    Don says:

    Hello,i have Audi A5 1.8tfsi 2008year with 170000km on clock. Engine code CABD and i thinking should i need to change my tensioner and chain? Have no problems or signs now of bad tensioner.


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