I started with Volkswagen officially in Nov of 2003.  One of my goals early on was to become a Master Certified technician(or mechanic).  I didn’t realize how hard it would be to achieve that goal. I never thought it would take 8 years!

When I started with the VW Academy, I knew that I was making a good choice.  It really jump started my certification. I spent 11 weeks training on nothing but VW cars.  In order to be a Master Tech, I had to complete over 20 instructor led training classes. Each class is 2-4 days.  That only counts the base classes, that doesn’t even include all of the new technology classes. On top of passing all of those classes, there are several web-based training modules that need to be completed. It is not a easy, or a fast thing to do.

After completing all of that training, there are 5 tests that have to be completed. On the surface, 5 tests at 35 questions each, seems easy.  I thought so, until I failed ALL 5 the first time around. It was  a humbling experience. Since I failed the tests, I had a 30 day wait time before I could retake them. VW takes the tests VERY seriously.  A member of corporate has to watch and make sure mechanics are not cheating.  I am not sure that I have ever taking tests as hard as these. How would I know “What is the wait time before working on a airbag system on a 1993 Cabriolet”? That is the style of questions that are on the test! FYI~the wait time is 20 minutes!

Well, as of 12/22/11, I am happy to say that I am a certified Master VW mechanic! Its cool that I am one of about 100 folks that have this level of certification. Now get some sweet business cards!  I also get some cool patches for my work shirts, I probably will never put on.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me out over the years! It has been a long, exciting, journey and I am glad to finally hit a HUGE career goal!


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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Have a 2001 Volkwagen Passat . Cannot locate Transmission dipstick even if there is one ? 6cyl Had car 2 weeks with out any trans issues now its making a thump around 3rd or 4th gear . As like if someone hit me from behind. I had a certified mechanic work on valve cover gaskets . Would that have anything to do with shifting . I was told by another mechanic that if my mechanic unhooked battery thats where the problem may have come from ?
    Thanks for any help !

          • Charles
            Charles says:

            Hey Eric,
            I was at the shop earlier. I am able to give your question the proper attention now.

            A harsh 3-4 shift on that transmission is odd. Usually 1-2 or 2-1 is the most common shift to have issues.

            Doing the valve cover gaskets will have no impact on shifting, unless the MIL is on.

            The trick that you mentioned with the battery may help. It is like a hard reboot on your computer. I have fixed some weird stuff over the years by doing that.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    I took car to a transmission service place to check it out . They said they fluid was burnt . They didnt recommend changing fluid . I told them to do so because I have know way of knowing how much fluid is in the transmission as of today unless they change it ? Should I change the fluid or not ? Just fill to level ? They never found any issues with transmission shifting other than reseting it by computer ??

  3. Barbara Lukens
    Barbara Lukens says:

    I have a question regarding a 2001 jetta auto 2.0 . We cant seem to find anyone un our area that can help us with the issue. Itnhas had quite a bit of parts replaced and the transmission checked and no codes show up on the scanners. Whe you drive the car it goes into gear at first and then once its been driven a few minutes and come to complete stop it acts like it goes to neutral without putting it in neutral and you have to shift it into park wait a little and the put back into gear and then it will go again. Could this be a programming issue? Have you ever heard of this happening? Really desperate for a an answer. Please help me

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      Those AG4 transmissions were always wierd. It may he as simple as low/wrong fluid. You need to start there. Be sure it has the correct fluid at the correct level.

  4. Jon Schultz
    Jon Schultz says:

    Can you please help with a issue I’m having on my
    95 Jetta obd1 12v vr6.
    I have searched everywhere and called all my local vw dealers and service shops and because I’m not and cant bring my car in to them they are not helping this is pretty much my last option.

  5. Jon Schultz
    Jon Schultz says:

    What the issue is the my engine cooling system control module burned up along with the two plugs on the bottom.
    One plug has 4 connections.
    Other plug has 10 and what I can’t seem to find anywhere on the Internet and local shops is the wiring diagram for which wire goes in which spot on the plug which is
    Part # 3A0973715
    On the backside of the part is numbers 1-10 I just need to know which wire goes to which spot.


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