Welcome to the Humble Mechanic Video Podcast. This is the show were we talk about many areas of the automotive industry. Everything from being an auto tech, buying tools, earning money, talking to customers, and more. If you are not a mechanic, tune in to learn the ins and outs of the industry. It can help you find a good tech, and help avoid getting ripped off.

VW connector tool
VW connector tool

Schwaben connector tool. Picture from ECSTuning.com

It’s Thursday, so it is time for another tool review. Today I am reviewing the Schwaben Connector release tool for VW and Audi Connectors. I picked this tool up from ECS Tuning for about $15. Initially I was concerned that it would damage the connector. I have used it a bunch of times, and it has performed great. I am still cautions about breaking the connector, but it seems to function well.

Show Notes:

  • Review of the Schwaben VW connector release tool
  • You can pick this up from ECS Tuning
  • Pros
    • Cheap
    • Well built
    • Gives a little extra reach for connectors
  • Cons
    • You don’t “need” this tool
    • I will always be concerned about breaking connectors with this tool
  • Use on many VW or Audi connectors including, door latches, coils, air flow meter, o2 sensors and more.
  • Tips on removing VW or Audi connectors with out this tool

Like I said in the video, I think this is a neat tool. As always, post your thoughts in the comments section. I love hearing from you guys.

If you have a tool that you would like reviewed, please let me know. You can use the contact me form, post in the comments, or email me Charles(at)HumbleMechanic(dot)com

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Happy Monday everyone. Today on the automotive podcast, we are talking about Common Car Repairs and Pattern Failures. This topic came in from Brain on YouTube.

As a dealer tech, this is really the world I live in. Not only do we see tons of broken VWs, we see the same VW problems over and over. Now, I pick on VW a little in this show. But that is simply because those are the cars I fix. Every car brand has the same type of issues, and we talk a little about how that happens today.

Show Notes:

  • What is a pattern failure
  • Why do pattern failures happen?
  • Evolution of Diagnostics with common car repairs and patter failures.
  • My history of VW common repairs
    • 2.0t A/C compressors
    • VW window regulators
    • VW Door latches
    • VW ignition coils
    • TDI High Pressure Fuel Pumps (HPFP)
    • 2.0t Cams and HPFP
  • Common VW problems very by region
  • Importance of knowing what common repairs your car has.

If you are having trouble viewing, watch Common Car Repairs, and Pattern Failures on YouTube.

Thanks for taking the time to watch. For those of you that have asked, I have almost worked out the audio only versions. I will be sure to let you know when you can subscribe on Itunes!

As always, your comments and questions are awesome. If you have a common car repairs story, please share it with the rest of us. Also, feel free to share this video(or any of them). I really do appreciate that.

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Happy Monday folks. Today on the Automotive Podcast, we are exploring ways to become a better automotive Technician. This will probably be just the first of several podcasts about way to get better at fixing cars. Also, just an FYI, I am a little under the weather today. This show may be a little weird. I am sorry about that. Also funny that I am pretty sure I forgot to add all the transitions in the video(those are the things I wake up at 3am thinking about). So production quality on this video is low, but the content and the message it good!

If you are NOT a mechanic, and have no plans to be one, that is okay. I recommend giving this a watch. If you understand what makes a good mechanic, you can learn what to look for when finding your own mechanic. Plus much of what we are going to talk about can be adapted to just about anything.

Today’s Show Notes:

  • Ways to become a better tech
  • Being a tech is NOT an easy job
  • 6 Areas to improve on
    1. Documentation
    2. Repair Logic
    3. Customer Service
    4. Mechanical Skills
    5. Diagnostic Skills
    6. Education
  • Good Record Keeping
  • Write everything down
  • Be good to your customers
  • Test drive with customers
  • Understand what you are testing and why
  • Know the systems you are working on

Thanks for watching everyone. Again, I am sorry that this was not the best show. We will break each of these 6 things down further. Each of them will be their own show.

As always, if you have questions or comments about the podcast, please post them in the comments below. If you have ideas for future shows, you can post that as well, or just contact me. Remember this show is for you. The more input I get from viewers, the better the show will become.

If you have problems viewing on the blog, you can see the video on YouTube Episode 7 Ways to Becoming a Better Technician

Today I give my initial thoughts on the Milwaukee M12 Screwdriver kit. This is a great little screw gun.

I have been thinking about picking up another small gun like this for a while. I really like this type of tool for removing interior parts. I like the fact that you can adjust the power setting. I don’t think that this could ever replace my Matika impact(review coming soon), but this is a great little drill.

Like I mentioned, this is my initial thoughts. I feel like I need to really give a tool a good run before I can give my honest opinion on it. Well, unless it is a piece of junk.

If you want the specs for this screw gun, you can see that here. If you have a tool that you would like me to review, please contact me.

Also, I want to thank you all for watching, reading, listening to the show. I also appreciate you guys sharing the blog. That is the fastest way for me to grow the community. 🙂


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In today’s episode of the Automotive Podcast, we talk about how mechanics can deal with bad jobs. This comes on the heals of me having a rough day. I do not want you to think I spend the entire show complaining about the bad jobs mechanics get. This is an episode explaining how a job that stinks can really bring you down. But I also give you some ways to work through it.

Join in while we discuss

  • Some bad jobs for a mechanic
  • How to deal with bad work
  • Keeping a positive attitude as a mechanic
  • Not getting pulled in to the negative crew.
  • The Episode about Flat Rate

As always, your comments on the podcast are not only welcome, but appreciated. This automotive podcast is currently in video form. I am kicking around the idea of stripping the audio, and making it a true audio podcast. What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to be able to load up on Itunes and listen?

Funny Car Signs

Happy Monday everyone. Today on the Automotive Podcast, we are talking about what to do when your car is not fixed right the first time. As much as I wish all cars were fixed right, that is just not reality. We discuss the steps you can take to get your car back on the road with as little headache as possible.

Show Notes:

  • Step 1
    Analyze if your car is safe, and keep calm
  • Step 2
    Call the shop ASAP, and stay calm
  • Step 3
    Explain exactly what is happening, and note if it is the same issue, or a new one
  • Step 4
    Give them an opportunity to fix it.
  • Step 5
    Work with that same shop to get your car fixed
  • Why a check engine light may not be diagnosed properly.
  • Keys to getting your car fixed asap

I know that this can be a touchy subject for folks. But these is the best way I have found to help make a crappy situation with your car better.

Thanks for tuning in to the automotive podcast. I am really excited about the response. If you have any show topics, please comment, or contact me.

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Happy Thursday everybody. I have a really cool tool for you guys today. We are looking at the “Get Sorted Socket Organizer” from the great folks at Sky Leap LLC. You may remember that I did a review of their wrench holder. You can check that out here. They also have some other really neat organizers. The tray for pliers seems really cool.

Again, overall I think this is a good product. You can find their stuff on Amazon. If you pick one of these babies up, let me know. I want to see how you set it up.

If you have a product you would like me to review, please let me know. I have a ton of tools. 😉 If you or your company want me to review a tool for you, please contact me. Just know that I will always give my very honest opinion. That I promise you.

Get Sorted Socket Organizer Video Review