Building an affordable tool kit for your car VIDEO

Published on January 25, 2012 under Humble Mechanic

Hey guys!

I wanted to my hand at shooting a video today. I shot this to show you guys the tool kit that I built for my wifes truck.  I spent just under $100 for everything that I got.


After watching the video, I realized I forgot to mension fuses. I couldn’t find any fuse packs at the store. I will try and find some and update you guys on where you can get them.  I am still trying to figure out what the hell I am doing so bear with me guys..  Also, Not the quality I filmed in was AWESOME, on the blog, it sucks, I will work on better quality…

Please post what you think of the video.  Is this something you guys want more of?  Did it suck?

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    1. Humble Mechanic

      HAHAHA! Thanks Wes, I just wish I could grow a better beard. If neck beards were cool, I would be an ALLSTAR! Please share with anyone you know man. Actually, I think I have some ideas to update the video. I will take all the marketing help I can get. 🙂

  1. Jeremy

    I’ve been meaning to put together a kit like this for my car. I have yet to need one (knock on wood) but who knows when I will. Its also handy to have if you see someone who is stuck and is in need of assistance. The only thing I would add, as you mentioned, is a socket kit. I’m sure you can find a decent on in the $15-$20 range. They are handy to have.
    On a side note, I like these video blog posts. Just next time don’t wear that Canes t-shirt, haha

    1. Humble Mechanic

      Jeremy, Believe it or not, I KNEW you would say something about my shirt! I think you can get a reasonable kit for under $30. The ones at the store were just too cheap, and would not meet the needs of my wife’s Nissan. She acutally has a small kit 10mm-16mm kit in her truck now. Thanks for the feed back about the video!!!

    2. Jeremy Bechtold

      I second the canes shirt comment. 😉 as a rabid hockey fan and penguins season ticket holder, I gotta ask that you don’t wear it so I concentrate on what you’re talking about instead of thinking about geno’s wicked backhander over ward’s shoulder a couple years back as we swept the canes out of the playoffs. anything hockey around me is like saying the word “treat” to a dog!
      (@otherjeremy: are you the same as on fb? I gotta assume that there aren’t 3 of us in such a small group… but thought I’d ask.)

        1. Jeremy Bechtold

          just jaggin’ ya (as we say here in the burgh)

          I’m all for hockey any time, anywhere… wear it proud, just expect some good-natured ribbing from time to time (and fire back when you can). we’ve all had our down years, and down moments. any organization that keeps ronnie francis around is okay in my book!

  2. Kristin

    It was awesome and I loved it, do more videos!!! Also it made me laugh when you said you don’t normally carry jumper cables in a car. I always have jumper cables, towels, lug wrench and a pretty serious first aid kit in my car at all times.

  3. Singlechopstick

    Great video, some thoughts; pen and paper or pencil. Not sure exactly why, but why not! Glass breaker, never know about water filled ditches jumping out into the middle of the road.
    Not sure if it will fit into the tool box but a foot pump to add enough air to get to a station and if the spare is flat and needs some air. oops!
    Video is king!

    1. Jeremy Bechtold

      make that a sharpie and some non-glossy posterboard or heavyweight paper… if you need to leave a note inside your dash about not towing or anything else that might come up, you want a sheet that is easy to read through dirty glass and/or strong enough to stand against a steering wheel or rear headrest and stay propped up for people to read. you can even wedge it inside the inner/lower window trim on a side window and it’ll stand up against the glass. it’s more of a “can’t fix it now” kind of thing, but if preparedness is the goal, not just “fixit” stuff, that’s ideal. thanks for reminding me to replace what I used up.

      1. Humble Mechanic

        Great ideas guys! I think for the price of a foot pump, you can get a 12v pump. I can’t imagine how long it would take to pump a tire up with a foot pump.

        Also, the can of Fix-A-Flat is charged. It should be enough to fill a tire.

        I need to see if its enough to fill a truck tire though..

        I will be doing some more videos about vehicle prepping. STAY TUNED!

        1. Jeremy Bechtold

          I’m all for the 12v pump over the foot pump. I’ve done that, it’s not fun, and it was nowhere near proper pressure, just enough to not be riding on the rim again in a few miles (I might have gotten up to 20-30lbs before my knees gave out). I will say this though, I’ve had a few of the 12v pumps and while they work when you need them, I don’t keep them around after using them once any more. every one I’ve had (it’s been several), has burned up on the second or third use. I since learned only to use them in emergencies (instead of just in my driveway when I didn’t feel like driving to the gas station to fill up — before I got a big compressor and tank). they’ll get you back on the road for sure, and you can let them run while you stay warm and dry for 10 minutes or so before you have to check on it for proper pressure. I just won’t trust them after a full use anymore. other people’s experiences may differ, but I’ve burned up 3 in the past and treat them like disposable emergency items now.

  4. Singlechopstick

    Good thing about a foot pump is it’s reliable. If not chances are it can be repaired. That being said it is a pain in the ass. I’ve pumped up my trucks tire a few times with it. It was more convenient than a bicycle pump because I didn’t have to jack up the truck to relieve pressure so the bike pump could work. It’s all relative.

  5. Marshall

    Can you find tool a kit for the Beetle and maybe the best place to keep it as well as a first aid kit. I went to CVS and brought a nice little first aid kit last year for about $6.00. Never had to use it except for the aspirins and one small finger bandage. Lol.

    1. Charles

      Some how your comment got put into a different post. I asked Kristin about your Diabetic question, and bee stings. As far as the question about the beetle, It seems that all the new cars are coming with a 1st aid kit from VW. I will look next week and see if there is a good spot for it.

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