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Hey we made it to Friday! Today I want to talk about being aware of your surrounding while driving. This comes from something that happened to me a few months about. If I was not as aware of a driver, I may have gotten myself into some trouble. While today we are talking about being an aware driver, this can really apply to all parts of life.

Join me today as we chat about:

  • Understanding odd situations
  • Making very quick decisions.
  • Stop texting while driving
  • When a situation feels wrong
  • How I avoided a bad situation
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Being A Situationally Aware Driver ~ Podcast Episode 47” on YouTube

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  1. Tamy
    Tamy says:

    First, the audio sounds great! I for one can’t express how important it is to be aware. My accident last October proved that even when you are aware, terrible things can happen..BUT, because I could relay all of the information and everything leading up to my accident, I was able to prevent a lot of heartache. It also went a long way in my benefit when I had to answer for two tickets at the scene – Not guilty on both, only because I could tell the courts everything about the experience, where I was, how many cars were on the road, how I had passed two police cars a few miles up the road, etc, etc. Information police couldn’t even relay. We’ve also had plenty of people mugged for stopping to help in our area, so don’t sweat that – you did the right thing! And yes please, stop texting and scrolling and updating your status while driving! It’s fine that you feel like it’s your choice to drive irresponsibly but your driving behavior affects everyone, not just you. If you aren’t prepared for the fallout from a choice you made for everyone else without their permission, just put the phone down. it really can wait.


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