Behind The Wrench ~ EricTheCarGuy ~ Part Two


On episode 110 of The Humble Mechanic Podcast, we go “Behind The Wrench” with EricTheCarGuy for part two. Behind The Wrench is an interview series were we talk with folks all around the automotive industry. There are so many interseting folks in the field. It is also important to see all the unique points of view. Understanding all the roles of the auto industry will help us become better at what we do, whether you are a tech, a parts person, or an advisor. If you missed part one of our interview, check it out at Behind The Wrench ~ EricTheCarGuy ~ Part One

Join Eric and I for Part 2 as we chat:

  • Eric’s favorite tools
  • Was EricTheCarGuy, a car guy before he was ETCG?
  • Eric’s favorite car
  • Eric’s least favorite car
  • Eric on car lighting mods
  • Junk yard frog?
  • Best car for sending a kid to college in
  • The “ah ha” moment for ETCG?
  • The epic EE BURN!
  •  Best moment of ETCG
  • Fixing it forward
  •  What NO ONE has ever asked EricTheCarGuy
  •  Eric’s favorite air freshener scent
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Behind The Wrench ~ EricTheCarGuy ~ Part Two” on Youtube.

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