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Crazy electrical problems on a 2003 Jetta

Your browser does not support the video tag This is a little video of the Jetta that I was working on today. I got the car around 11:00.  The customers complaint was that the windshield wipers would stay on ALL the time.  I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to figure out what […]

Follow up: Getting you butt kicked

On Tuesday 11/22, I wrote a post with a story about me getting my butt kicked by a Jetta. I hope that it didn’t bum everyone out.  I will be honest, that really put me in a bad mood that night.  I was going to go out with some friends after work.  I decided to […]

Sad VW Touareg follow up

I wrote a post last week about what happens when an aftermarket breathalyzer is installed poorly. It is HERE if you missed it. Well, as promised, Here is the follow up to what happened. When I published that post, the repair was in a limbo state. The customer didn’t want to pay the bill, and […]