A Quick update about banner ads and sponsorship

This is just a quick update about the ad that I put up today.

If you look at the right side of the site, all the way at the bottom, you will see a banner for Host Gator. I added the banner for the company that I host this and my other blogs though.

There will be a time in the future where you will see things like this come up. I want to explain a few things about it.

  1. This banner, and any future sponsorship will be a direct endorsement by me. If I would not use a product or service, I sure as hell would not recommend it to any of you guys.
  2.  If at any time I feel like a sponsor or company I advertise does something stupid, I will remove the banner or sponsor ASAP!
Please do not think for 1 minute, that this site will be whored up with ads and sponsors. This is MY site, and OUR community. I will not sell out what we are doing here.
The banner is just one way that I have set up to help pay the bills and keep the site running awesome!  I hope you all understand what I am trying to do, and understand that I really do recommend Host Gator. The have been awesome! If you want to start your own blog, or site, consider clicking on my banner and using host gator. I get a small commission if you use my link.

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