Top 5 Failures of MK5 Volkswagen, (Jetta, Rabbit, GTI, Jetta SportWagen)

mk5 Air ride Southern Worthersee

This is a MK5 from SOWO a few years ago

The MK5 or A5 platform car consists of the Jetta, Rabbit, GTI, and Jetta SportWagen.The MKV came out as a 2005.5 and finished up with about model year 2010. They had their share of common VW issues too. Today we are talking about their biggest failures. It is also the first new car to come out after I became a VW tech. It was also great because the architecture of the car systems was like a light version of the Touareg.

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Join me today as we discuss:

  • Failing MK5 door latches
  • Failing MK5 rear brakes
  • Failing MK5 softtouch
  • Common MK5 airbag light issues
  • Sagging MK5 headliners
  • Rapid fire failures, oil leaks, CV boots, camshafts, wheel bearings
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “Top 5 Failures of MK5 Volkswagens” on YouTube.

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  1. reynald velasco
    reynald velasco says:

    I agree with you 100% about the five most frustrating faikures on all MK5. the sad part about it, the customer has to pay the repairs. I got my 2006 VW Jetta 2.5 had these problems and its not covered by warranty. That is why, IWILL NEVER BUY A VW AGAIN, one is enough. I am just trying to get my money’s worth for the repairs that I have done. The headliner cost me $250.00, the door locks will cost me 275 for one door lock. The wiring harnest on the diver side cost me $450.00. The vacuum pump cost me 350.00 for part alone. The catalytic converter cost me 1,200 for part alone. The water pump @80,000 miles quit and cost over 1,000 to replaced it. The Konvi valve and speed sensor cost me $600.00. The worst part is that the dealer mechanics swapped my good part to their bad parts so they can sell it in Mexico. I will never give them permission to do diagnostic check any more because they try to mess up your car by swapping fuses to burn your car just in case. I do my own repairs now a days. The VW service manual/repair is so thick of different models that does not pertains to my year/model and lots of missing hidden repairs so the dealers can have a job for their hungry mechanics, who are most commission mechanics. I will never buy A VW AGAIN! I will drive this one until it drop dead.


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