Volkswagen Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Check Engine Light OBD IIAt some point in most VW owners life they will get a check engine light. For about the 4th time in my Passat’s life, the check
engine light came on. I would say that is pretty good for over 140,000 miles. The check engine light can come on for a ton of different reasons. Today I am going to walk you through my diagnostic process for check engine lights. At the start of the video, I did not know what was wrong with the Passat. You get to see exactly the point we find the issues.

Join me today as we discuss:

  • Steps of check engine light diagnosis
  • VCDS Vag-Com
  • Sonic Tools 
  • Vehicle safety evaluation
  • Checking faults with VCDS
  • Faults Stored
  • What does “System lean”mean?
  • What does “System Rich” mean?
  • Using MVB 32 with VCDS
  • Visual inspection
  • Pocking around vacuum lines
  • Clamping vacuum lines
  • Why my MIL is on
  • and more

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