Making mistakes is a big part of life. It is also a normal part of being a mechanic. A good mechanic will work hard to keep the mistakes to a minimum, but they are still going to happen. Today I want to talk about the worst mistakes that I have made in my career as a mechanic, or technician if you prefer that.

Join me today as we breakdown:

  • Some reasons mechanics make mistakes
  • Leaving an oil filter loose FAIL!
  • Routan transmission FAIL!
  • W8 Torque Converter FAIL!
  • Broken Beetle windows FAIL!
  • Bentley rear window FAIL!
  • Passat heater core FAIL
  • and more

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  1. DHAuto
    DHAuto says:

    Thanks for this episode! In the spirit of confessing screw-ups;

    I was a newbie working for a franchise independent shop and often worked outside. Customer brought in a rock crawler Jeep that “has a noise” under the hood. 5 speed manual.

    I ease the Jeep into an open parking space facing the street and shut it off to pick up the work order. Come back to the Jeep. Instead of jumping into the Jeep to start it, I lift my right leg into the footwell to press the clutch. Clutch down, start engine, clutch up, I’m on the ground…

    Of course it’s in 1st gear. It’s idling across a 6 lane street towards a parts store. No cars on the road (a miracle). The Jeep jumps the far curb, chugs between two trees, misses a parked Mustang in the parts store lot by 18 inches, then bumps the store wall and dies.

    Two parts store employees were yelling at the “driver” of the Jeep to stop. Two of my fellow techs were yelling at me to chase the Jeep. Both managers of both stores were supremely gracious and let me live. No money out of pocket. No damage to the Jeep.

    Ahhh, good times 😉

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Hey, we all make mistakes – some of us just make bigger mistakes than others 😉

    At least you haven’t made any really dangerous mistakes like forgetting to tighten someone’s lugnuts!


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