5 Tips For Coilover Adjustment and Installation

5 Tips For Coilover Adjustment and Installation

Adding an adjustable suspension to a car is a great way to maximize the performance. But installing and adjusting coilovers can be a little intimidating. What happens if you get the ride height wrong? What if it’s too low? Will my car flip over? These questions may seem a little extreme, but I have seen them asked over and over. Well I made the “will my car flip” one up.

A coilover is an a spring and shock absorber assembly that allows for adjustments to be made to the vehicle’s ride height, damping, rebound and more. This will allow us to dial in the suspension for our exact needs. The coilovers we are using for this video only allow for ride height adjustment. The folks at New German Performance sent me their MK3 coilover kit to check on on the GTI.

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5 Tips For Coilover Adjustment and Installation

  1. Use proper tools
  2. Replace worn bushings and bearings (2.5 Replace bolts)
  3. Follow recommend maintenance
  4. Make good adjustments and measurements
  5. Have the vehicle properly aligned

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4 replies
  1. Nic
    Nic says:

    Hi guys, I love your youtube videos… very instructive.

    I have recently replaced my OEM magnetic shocks on my 2010 R8 coilovers and I am not happy at all with them … I have lowered the car only about a 1/4 inch (half centimeter) and did a new alignment but the whole steering system is acting weird and the car feels like is falling apart when taking sharp turns … when I back out of my garage I take a 90 degree turn to the left and the front wheels feel like they will fall off … I did not have this problem before with the standard magnetic shocks so I don’t understand why it feels like this and if is normal …

    I installed them myself … I am not a mechanic by trade but I have worked on cars with my dad since I was a little kid … a local shop which did the alignment not me.

    There is nothing special about changing the shocks on the R8, just two bolts to take out (one at each end) however because the coilovers are shorter than the OEM magnetic shocks the mechanic that did the alignment said that it changed the geometry of the suspension which I don’t believe … I took the car back to the mechanic and he said he checked everything and all looks ok.

    I am not sure why the car does that but it is scary when you make sharp turns … it feels like something is dragging underneath or a wheel will fall off …

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you all


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