How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.0t Ignition Coil Connectors

Published on August 18, 2015 under Video

Ignition Coil Failure

Today I am back to talk about more failing VW parts. We are looking at one of the most broken connectors I see, ignition coil connectors. More spesifically 2.0t ignition coil connectors. It may seem like a very simple failure, but connectors have a lot more going on than you may think. This was a really fun “How VW Parts Fail” video for me. I have repinned a ton of connectors in my career, and it is something I enjoy doing.

Sponsor Of The Day
Today’s show is sponsored by Deutsche Auto Parts. They are the VW and Audi parts experts. They have great prices and awesome service. Plus they work really hard on a ton of VW DIY videos. Paul and the fellas at DAP are awesome. Also check out their new site at

Join me as we break down(hopefully not):

  • Commonly broken VW electrical connectors
  • What a VW ignition coil connector does
  • What makes up a VW ignition coil connector
  • What makes up most Audi and VW electrical connectors
  • How ignition coil connectors fail
  • Is replacing an ignition coil connector a DIY
  • Tools required to repin connectors
  • Tips for releasing VW connectors.
  • and more

Trouble viewing? Watch “How VW Parts Fail ~ 2.0t Ignition Coil Connectors ” on YouTube.

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  1. MARK

    Charles, just re-watched your video on the ignition coil connectors.
    My question is will any harm be done if I remove the plastic engine cover. Reason being the coils and harness will stay cooler, and perhaps last longer.

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