2.0t PCV failure

Failed 2.0t TSI PCV ValveHappy Tuesday everyone. Today we are back talking about failed VW parts. This time we are looking at the failure of the 2.0t TSI Positive Crankcase Vent Valve, or PCV. This is a part that can cause some crazy things to happen. PCV used to be a simple little valve that was replaced at maintenance intervals. Now it is a complex assembly.

Sponsor Of The Day
Today’s show is sponsored by Deutsche Auto Parts. They are the VW and Audi parts experts. They have great prices and awesome service. Plus they work really hard on a ton of VW DIY videos. Paul and the boys at DAP are awesome. Check them out! Here are links to the PCV as well as a “how to” on replacing it.

Join me today as we look at:

  • What the 2.0t PCV does, and needs to do
  • How the 2.0t PCV can fail
  • Signs on 2.0t PCV failure
  • Diagnosing 2.0t PCV failure
  • Common miles and age of 2.0t PCV failure
  • DIY or No DIY
  • Related part to replace
  • and more

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Failed 2.0t TSI PCV Valve

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Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a rocking weekend. How about those Super Bowl commercials? Oh, and if you are a football fan, what a great game. What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Here are my favorite automotive related commercials:

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Today on the automotive podcast we chat about:

  • Moisture buildup on the bottom of oil caps
  • My thoughts on the 3.6 VR6
  • Cold start misfires
  • Harsh shifting in a DSG
  • Carbon buildup
  • Removing an engine
  • Keeping my beard clean at work
  • and more

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