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Good Automotive ServiceToday on the new Automotive Podcast we are talking about good service, and the time it can take. There are a few different way we need to consider time and repairs:

  • The technician taking the time to do a job right
  • A customer allowing the time they are paying for
  • The tech given the time to do the job right, think not being too rushed to finish a job

As always, your comments are welcome and encouraged. I also addressed the feedback about the volume in the first episode. Also, what are your thoughts on the “in the car” format?

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Hey everyone.

I mentioned Sunday that I was starting a new video show with my good friend Rusty from Bench Racing Garage. In this series, we will be talking about all the great things we love about cars.

In this episode, we talk a little about ourselves, our project cars, and cars in general. If you are into cars at any level, this is a show for you. Check it out, and check out Rusty’s site. I am really proud of this series, and I think you guys will love it.

Custom VW Dipstick

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope that your week is going awesome. Things in the Humble Mechanic are crazy right now. With the launch of 2 new video series, and a few other really fun things coming, we are full speed ahead. But enough about the crazy things happening, let’s do some Shop Shots!

Custom VW DipstickI always like to see what people come up with when tasked with a DIY repair. This is a repair on a 1.8t Beetle dipstick. It looks like they kept the original metal dipstick, and added a cap and cotter pin.

It makes me want to know how they came to this solution. Did they search it on line? Did they find 16 different caps around the house and test each one until they found the right fit? We had a 1.8t Passat that use to be a customer. They had a similar setup, but used a New Castle cap. That was a much better choice in my opinion. 😉

VW cigarette lighter fuseThis one is sadly a very common thing. Part of me things its the design on the 12v outlet on the new Jetta. I have found a good amount of things stuck in 12v outlets. One of the more common concerns I deal with is “my 12v outlet doesn’t work”. So much so that I shot a video on “How to check your car’s fuses“. The best part about this, the customer didn’t even complain about it. I just happen to notice. LOLVW Fault Code

I have posted several times about how VW diagnostic equipment is hilarious some times. Other times it’s awful. When something funny happens, I try and snap a picture for you guys. You know, so you can appreciate some of the goofy things we see.

This is a test plan that came up for a fault. I didn’t look to see what fault was stored. It was most likely for the Carnet system, think Onstar, was not turned on. But the test the scanner wants to run, is to assist with “Important Information”. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Well, that wraps up another volume of Shop Shots. I can’t believe we have done 77 of these. Actually, I think it’s more like 79. I may have messed up a few numbers over the years. Also be sure to check out the weekly series I am doing with my good buddy Rusty from Bench Racing Garage. There we talk about all aspects of the automotive world.

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Hi everybody (Hi Dr. Nick)
As I talked about yesterday, I started a new video series on the blog. Today I have for you the first Episode of the Humble Mechanic Video Podcast. Well, I may not call it that, but it works.

Today I talk about the plans for the show. We discuss a little about me, and my skill set. We also talk about several of the topics we will tackle in the show. As I fine tune the show, I will be adding show notes with links about things we discuss. I really hope you all enjoy the show. If you have any feedback please share it. I would also love to know what type of topics you want to talk about.

Here it is Humble Mechanic Video Show, Episode 1 ~ Intro

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Hey everyone.

I am super excited about the new video series I am launching. The intro episode will be out later today on YouTube, and tomorrow on the blog. I wanted to freshen up the blog, and reach out of my normal comfort zone a little.

I want to tackle some of the same subjects as we do on the blog. Things like:

  • car repairs
  • Not getting taken advantage of
  • Finding a good mechanic
  • Being a good customer
  • How techs get paid on flat rate, there will be a lot about flat rate
  • Does your car really need a service?
  • DIY or Not DIY when it comes to repairs.

I feel like in video or audio I can really dive deep in a subject, or explain it a different way. I expect these videos to be anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. There will also be more “quick tip” type videos, and tool reviews. I just shot 2 reviews last night. You guys know how much I love tools 😉 Oh, and don’t worry, I will still be doing some blog posts. Also Shop Shots is not going anywhere.

Teaming up with Bench Racing Garage
In addition to my video podcast (I will not use that word people call it) I have teamed up with my good buddy Rusty from We are doing a really fun mini-series all about cars. We both live in the automotive world. We both love cars, and have fun talking about them. So we are bringing our love to you guys. It should be a blast. The first episode of that will drop this week.

If you have any questions, or show topics you want to see, please post them in the comments below. Otherwise you have to listen to what ever random thing is in my head that day LOL.

One Last Thing,
I want to do a live “Hangout” with a few people. The first one I want to talk about getting started as a new technician. If you are interested, please post in the comments, or email me with HANGOUT in the subject. I am thinking that Thursday evening is the best day for that.

VW TDI Turbo Problem

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are coming off the last “unofficial” weekend of summer. Being that it is 95 today, I am not buying that 🙂 . Now is the time we need to start thinking about getting our cars ready for winter. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at all the things we can do to be ready for the cold weather and snow(yikes). But first, we have to rock some Shop Shots!

Oh, one quick thing. There was some type of update glitch with WordPress. That knocked out some of the features I have installed on the blog. It should not impact any of the content, but some of the little things I have installed may not work. Just hang in there, I am working on getting all of it fixed.

Funny things DRIVERS DOFirst up is something that I see a lot. It is also something that I like to poke fun at. This customer has their Craftsman garage door opener clipped on to the visor. No big deal right? Well it just so happens that It is clipped right next to the built in garage opener.

You might be wondering why the heck someone would do something like that. Well, the truth is, new openers can be a pain to program. I said that I poke fun at this, but I was guilty too. I owned my Passat for about 6 years before I finally programmed that dang built in opener. That was mostly me being lazy 😉

VW TDI Turbo ProblemNext up is one of those stories that comes around from time to time. First off you are looking at a big hole in the intercooler of a TDI Golf. This causes air to leak in, or leak out depending on driving situation.

This customer had the diesel fuel system replaced about 2 years ago. The car had a HPFP(High pressure fuel pump) failure. The customer called back saying that the car was acting funny again, and that it better have a warranty from the last repair. The customer was convinced that it was related to the repair we did.

When my tech pulled the car in, we could hear the boost leak. After some inspections, we found that the car had impact damage to the lower front of the car. The impact also damaged the radiator, condenser, and core support. I hate that the customer needed so much work, but I am sure glad it was not our fault.

Broken VW windowLast up is one of my LEAST favorite repairs to make, a broken window. This GTI came in with the window glass broken. Replacing the glass is not a hard job. It is the working with all the broken glass that is awful. If you have had a glass break, post which window it was in the comments.

If you have never had a broken window in a car, consider yourself lucky. Glass from the window goes EVERYWHERE! Glass in the seat track, under the carpet, in the door, under switches, and the worst jammed in the window track and seal. This car went back to clean up 3 times to get the glass out. I don’t think I have ever replaced a broken glass with out getting at least 1 cut.

That wraps up another volume of Shop Shots! Remember that just about all of these pictures come right from me. They are not searched in Google, or skimmed from another site. They are the real deal from a VW dealer tech.