What a Car’s Clock Sping is, and What it Does ~VIDEO~

Published on March 1, 2012 under Humble Mechanic

Hey guys,

I got a video for you today. A while back I mentioned a part called a Clock Spring. I didn’t say anything else about it. As luck would have it, I replaced one the other day. Since I had the spare part, I thought that I would shoot a quick video and show you how it works.

Well, that pretty much explains it. If you have any questions, post them up in the comments. Also, go to Technician Database, that is the forum was talking about. Be sure to go and post in the “First 50”! I really want to give something cool away.

Just one more thing. Here is a little tease of the rough sketch of our new logo. What do you guys think?

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    1. Charles

      Thanks Jeremy,
      There are a few things that can go wrong when a clock spring goes bad.
      The most common things are,
      1) the airbag light will be on. This is due to a bad connection to the drivers airbag.
      2) The horn, or other buttons on the steering wheel will not work.
      3) It can make a funny noise, almost like a scratching sound when turning the wheel.

      1. April

        Is it bad if it makes the scratching/clicking noise? Something happened to mine it wouldn’t let me turn so I forced it and I heard something break and now it clicks when I turn the wheel. Is it dangerous to drive it like this? Other than the clicking it doesn’t give me any problems and everything still works fine.

      2. Erik Hensley

        I’ve noticed on Chrysler that the horn won’t work, but have not seen that much with other cars with my experience.

        On a Ford the air bag light will flash code 32. Three long blinks then two shorter ones.

        GM cars flash 7 times then go off if everything is ok. That is normal for them.

        Hope this info was helpful.

  1. David

    I was replacing the lower steering shaft on my f150 and the wheel spun when i disconnected the lower shaft. It now clicks when I turn the wheel, is it the clock spring that is making that noise?

  2. Phil

    I am told that I need a Clock Spring for my 2002 Volvo v70. Some of the problems I have are…
    Horn don’t work
    message that air bag needs servicing.
    at times the gauges will and won’t work(temp,gas,etc)
    at times the messages panel will flicker real quick.

    Would the last two problems be caused by a faulty clock spring. It would seem like the 1st two listed would.

    Thanks Phil

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