Checking and Replacing Fuses on Your Car VIDEO


Ok, to some of you this might be a really simple thing. Lets remember that at some point ALL of us had to learn this.

I shot this video after a conversation with a customer. Like I said in the video, a customer brought her car in because the 12v outlet was not working. This is actually something that happens a lot. I replaced the fuse and pulled the car around. I put a couple of extra fuses in her ashtray so that if this happened again, she could just replace it, and save a trip in to the dealer.

When I showed her the fuse that needed to be replaced, she looked at me like I was stupid(a look I know very well) ;) Well I showed her exactly how to replace the fuse. It really hit me and made me fell like an ass. I mean, its just fuse right. Well, there was a time when I had no idea what that meant. So here is how you check a fuse with a test light. This is not the only way to check fuses, but it is one the of fastest, and I think, the easiest.

Oh, that is not the test light I use at work. I have that for use at the house.I also recommend keeping a few extra fuses in your car just in case.

Hey, if you have not checked out Pinterest, it is a pretty cool site. It has replaced my bookmarking on my computer. If you need an invite, let me know, I will hook it up! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I will be fighting my allergies all weekend!

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4 Responses to Checking and Replacing Fuses on Your Car VIDEO

  1. Bill Foster says:

    Hi Charles, great video. Yes, I have used a test light for fuses for decades (but a Snap-On, not a Craftsman! come one!). If you want to mess with one of your co-workers, take out a good fuse and snip the plug off of one side of the fuse. When you hit it with a test light, current goes all the way through, but not into the fuse block. That will keep someone busy for days…not that I ever did that.


    • Charles says:

      I love that trick. I have gotten lots of guys with that! I also like to just remove the fuse. That gets them too.

      The test light is the one I have for the house. I have a Mac led light at work. I usually use a Power Probe when checking fuses. It takes a minute to set up, but I can blaze through the fuses. I like it because power and ground beep with different tones.


  2. Matt C. says:

    Good video… surprisingly I have never had to replace one of these on my cars! But good to know anyway.

    Regarding Pinterest… I have an account but I still don’t know what to use it for. Their site confuses me.


    • Charles says:

      My wife LOVES Pinterest. I basically use it to replace my bookmarks on the computer. I like that you can share pictures with other people too. I think its worth spending some time on. I will see if I can talk my wife into doing a post on her blog. Just don’t hold your breathe ;)


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